Sunday, June 16, 2013

Orders of Nature: Devas

I'd been thinking about continuing with the Orders of Nature series but hadn't researched exactly who I should invoke for such information. Then the following came through:

The Message: 

 "As you have come to realise, we of the Devic kingdom of nature form a structure which is essential to the functioning of the manifested universe. It is we who intuit the plans and purpose of that one entity who stands behind, and is the sole creator of, all that exists which mortal sense can apprehend - and much, much more that is beyond the mind of man to understand. It is we who form what many have called the ghost in the machine and it is we again who sustain what already exists of material structure in all its gross and subtle forms. It is we who control the seasons and where and when such earthly phenomenon that perplex the minds of men shall occur, and to what eventual end. It is we who guard your rivers, your mountain ranges and your forests. It is we who protect the sacred places and discourage those who, through error or intent, are set to commit those acts of sacrilege which would inflict great harm should they be allowed to continue.

"It is not for nothing that many places are considered haunted. Not of course by the etheric husks of long dead humanity who, whilst still living, were unable to frighten the proverbial goose, but by the presence of Guardian Devas whose task it is to ensure that those who's knowledge of planetary forces is insufficient for the conduct those rituals which will ultimately raise the vibration of the physical realm to the level intended to service the needs of future generations, are excluded or marginalised before they can do irreversible damage. Such places are not for the faint hearted and long will it remain so until the motivation of the human kingdom is directed not simply to the exercise of idle curiosity but to service of the planetary spirit as an entity in it's own right.

"'What is the purpose and meaning of this place' should be your cry and the subject of your meditation effort until such times as accurate knowledge and coherent assumption can be put to good use. Do not enter such places like the proverbial gate-crasher but wait calmly at its periphery and ask those Guarding Forces to supply what information you need while you sit in silent contemplation. No one will come to you in physical form and give you lectures on the nature of planetary reality. But within the quietude of your own mind will come those entities who are intended to guide should the motivation of those in attendance be of sufficient quality to justify such an approach.

"It is time that the existence and function of the Devic kingdom be recognised by the general populous of this planet and by those of good will whose skills and attributes fit them for contact.

"I am he(i) who watches over the development of what is erroneously called the blind forces of nature. We are not as blind as you may think and everything(ii) - with the exception of the human kingdom - is under our control."


(i) The question might reasonably be asked as to how such high entities can make contact through ordinary mortals. The answer is Intermediation, or rather a chain of intermediation. As far as I can determine I am not in direct contact with such high entities as presented here but receive my information from the next one up the chain in terms of vibratory rate.

It is tempting to the personal ego to believe that we are in direct contact with ascended masters and archangelic beings, but a bit of objectivity and not a little humility should tell us that we operate at such a low vibratory rate in comparison to the entities who speak through us that direct contact is highly improbable, and a more likely scenario is that others are involved in the transmission of whatever information is vouchsafed us from a high source.

(ii) Everything of a physical nature.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Herbalism 3: Mescalito

You may recall that in his book, 'Don Juan', Carlos Castaneda, after chewing Peyote buttons, encountered Mescalito, an other-worldly being, first in the form of a dog and then as a humanoid with a head resembling a cactus.

Apparently Mescalito has a habit of scaring off those he considers unready for contact with him. I attempted to contact Mescalito without reference to the cactus with which he appears to be associated.


1. One should contact the Deva of a living plant (Deva of the Shadows) only during daylight hours. This access involves the Deva of the Plant Species.

2. When seeking the essence of mind altering substances one should combine it with other essences which act as modifying factors.

3. The toxicity of level-shifting substances like Mescaline is rendered harmless to human consumption by use of other plant essences which modify the guardian principle (toxicity) of the element of interest.

4. It's the balancing of forces between the element of interest and other elements that renders the element of interest innocuous to the human physical constitution.

5. These balancing essences can be extracted from plants which habitually grow with the Peyote cactus and which form environmental force triangles with that plant.

6. We must discover for ourselves those plants which yield supportive essences.

7. The plants yielding supportive essence are governed by the same planet as the plant of interest. When these plants are discovered it is necessary by trial and error to find which parts of these plants yield the supportive essences.

8. The Payote plant offers a degree of protection, provided the buttons are consumed whole, but the quantity needed to produce a change of perception risks damage to the human digestive system.

9. Experiment with the essence of banned substances (which are extracted by alcohol or water and substantially diluted) rather than the substances themselves should reassure legislators that damage to human health is minimal to non-existent.

10. Apart from it's perception enhancing properties, Peyote holds the key to a number of diseases principally cancer of the oesophagus and the alleviation of the stresses and strains of cystic fibrosis (not cure). Such cures are assembled as with Mescaline using the principle of triangulation.

11. Until science verifies the principle of essence extraction the benefits of Payote cannot be assessed except by dedicated researchers acting beneath the gaze of official authority.


"Who dares to call Mescalito at this time of night? This is not the time of day to contact a Deva of a living plant. That time is during daylight hours at whatever location one happens to reside at. I am of course a Deva of the shadows and cannot contact you directly without the involvement of he who resides over a plant species.

"I have been asked to make your acquaintance on the basis of your interest in mind altering substances and your incorrect assumption that all one has to do to gain access to higher worlds is to isolate a particular essence without the need of modifying factors which, when knowingly applied, bring about those elevations of consciousness the human race has sought for centuries with, I have to say, limited success.

"The first thing one must do when seeking the level shifting properties of substances like mescaline is to discover those additional essences by which the guardian principles of the desired substance are modified to render them harmless to human consumption.

"It is not simply a matter of ever more strict refinement of one particular element but the extraction of the living essence of that element and its combination with the essence of other elements which bring about a balance of the forces within the element of interest to render them innocuous in terms of their chemical disruption of the human physical constitution.

"These balancing essences can be extracted from those plants which habitually grow within the natural environment of the Peyote cactus and which form environmental force triangles that are mutually beneficial to each and every component within that triangle.

"I will not give you the names of these supportive elements as this is forbidden under the law of communal endeavour and the right to self determination of an individual to make his own way to knowledge by his own personal discoveries.

"What I can say is that these additional plants are astrologically identical with the Peyote plant in that they are governed by the same planet and are sown or come into being under the same planetary alignments. When more is known about this subject it will be a simple matter to identify those plants which thrive withing the environment of the Peyote cactus and simply discover, by trial and error, which parts of those plants yield the essences needed for balanced triangulation of the main component of interest - in this case the highly toxic substance Mescalin.

"The Peyote plant of itself does offer a degree of protection provided the cactus buds are consumed whole but the quantity of plant material needed to produce the required change of perception is quite high and consequently there is a risk of damage to the human digestive system resulting from the absorption of tissue with which it is not designed to deal.

"The problems associated with experiment with legally banned substances is a major consideration when using plant material directly but the immersion of such material in an absorptive medium such as alcohol or water should go some way in reassuring legislators that damage to the human physical mechanism is minimal to non-existent with cautious practice and substantial dilution ratios. There is no reason why the extraction of essences cannot be regulated if that is the instinct of those who rule the lives of the human kingdom but, provided shortcuts are not taken in the wake of enthusiasm or the lust for financial gain, there is no reason why legislation should be necessary in a sane society.

"What follows is a summery of the properties of the Peyote plant as a whole:

Apart from its perception enhancing properties, Peyote holds within it the cure for a number of diseases principally cancer of the esophagus and the alleviation of the stresses and strains of cystic fibrosis to the point where shortage of breath is all but eliminated to the point where death, which is caused by other factors, can be approached in a state of relative comfort with only the loosening of the consciousness thread within the physical form as evidence that death is immanent.

"Such cures are assembled in the same manner as is that of Mescalin using the principle of triangulation with other living substances from within the same local environment.

"Until the principles of essence extraction, their combination, dilution and deployment have entered the domain of scientifically established fact, the benefits of the Peyote plant and it's subordinate species cannot be readily assessed except by dedicated researchers acting in a personal capacity beneath the gaze of official authority.

"I am of course Mescalito Deva of the Peyote cactus species and not, as I stated originally, a Deva of the shadows. I too have a sense of humour".


1. The principle of Triangulation has apparently been misunderstood. There are not 3 elements needed to produce a satisfactory result, but 4.

2. The Tetrahedron is the key to understanding this triangular relationship. Four faces representing four triangles of hidden forces, each point of the tetrahedron representing an essential or supportive element of the effect of interest.

3. Once essences have been extracted into absorptive media such as water of alcohol, their prior dilution and final combination are conducted using Fibonacci Ratios and derivatives.

4. For the purpose of essence extraction a plant has 7 parts: Root, Inner and Outer Stem, Leaves, Flowers, Fruit and Seed.

5. Each plant part has 4 constituents from which the essence is extracted: Pulp, Juice, Aroma and Chemical Signature

6. Each constituent needs a different absorptive medium for extraction. For instance, Alcohol or water absorb only the essence of pulp while Olive Oil extracts the essence of Pulp, Juice and Aroma. To extract a specific essence from a specific plant-part-constituent a targeted absorptive medium may be needed as some constituent essences may be inhibitive of the essence needed for a specific purpose.

7. The identification of the ruling planet of a particular plant can be done through taste and shape of a particular plant part. This part varies with plant.

8. On page 437 of The Relationship Book by Rex E. Bills can be found tables of Flavors and Forms relating to ruling Planets. 9 and 10 below list these.

"It (the book) is the only place where all rulerships have been brought together and put in a good workable order".

9. Flavors:

Sun: Sweet, pungent.
Moon: Odorless, insipid.
Mercury: Cold, mildly astringent.
Venus: Warm, sweet.
Mars: Sharp astringents, acids, pungent odors.
Jupiter: Fragrant, bland.
Saturn: Cold, sour, astringent.
Uranus: Cold, brackish, astringent.
Neptune Subtle, seductive.
Pluto: The so-called aromatic flavors in which solubility releases both taste and aroma. Extreme flavors.

10. Forms:

Sun: Circles, full curves, spirals.
Moon: Irregular curves, crooked lines.
Mercury: Slender curves, rhythmic scrolls, short sharp lines(i) gentle fine curves.
Venus: Curved lines and rhythmic scrolls.
Mars: Sharp angles and barbs, fine straight lines.
Jupiter: Full generous curves, full firm lines and curls.
Saturn: Cramped forms, straight short lines, clear-cut outlines, hard lines, shrunken forms.
Uranus: Mixed forms, broken lines, weird or original forms, fine curls and hooks.
Neptune: Curved lines, rhythmic curves, nebulous and chaotic forms, vague indistinct curls and curves here and there broken off.
Pluto: Heavy straight lines and sharp angles in complex combinations.

(i) I suspect this belongs to Mars.

11. The first and final paragraphs of Mescalito's massage combined with Castaneda's account of his Mescaline fuelled trips to another dimension suggest two things. First, the Deva of a Plant Species has omnipotent and omniscient consciousness while a Deva of a living plant does not. Secondly, reading between the lines, it would seem that the cactus-headed being Castaneda encountered was in fact Mescalito masquerading as a one of his subordinates - a Deva of the Shadows responsible for individual cactus plants or groups.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Sexual Potential of Mankind


1. If God is Love and sex is also love what does this suggest to us?

2. Man currently has no understanding as to why, how or whether sex impinges on his spiritual growth.

3. Beyond a certain point all human (esoteric?) endeavour must fail to produce the desired result if conducted in isolation from sexual practice.

4. The Summer of our Resurrection will bring sexual fulfilment when conducted in accordance with Divine Purpose.

The Message:

"The sexual potential of mankind is in the process of revelation. Not as yet in the public arena but in the private conclaves of sexually inclined individuals who's task it is to show by example the esoteric benefits of erotic endeavour. It has long been understood by the Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet that God is love and, through the human kingdom, the idea that sexual union is also love has been allowed to flourish. Can you not see, my brothers, where this is heading?

"In the past it was essential that man focus on the development of his mind to the exclusion of other considerations and that a knowledge of the spiritual potential of the sexual act be kept from him. Now we are approaching the age of analysis when every man irrespective of his emotional and spiritual allegiances can to some extent think and feel for himself independently of the dogma and social conditioning that surrounds him. Consequently man feels that sex is good when carried out for mutual pleasure but has no knowledge as to why or how or whether it impinges on his spiritual growth.

"An understanding of the scope of sexual union can be had by examining its basic function separated from moral or ethical consideration. Sex is overwhelmingly a creative act which has no equal and is central to the continuation of biological forms on this planet. But what is often overlooked is the higher correspondence of this creative act in terms of energy manipulation and the bringing to fruition of the aims and intentions of those to whom is entrusted the working out of the plans of Deity. Sex is the lower correspondence of that which is higher and that which is higher is directly affected by practices of a lower nature which are in synchronous alignment with it. Beyond a certain point all human endeavour must fail to produce the desired result if conducted in isolation from sexual practice. Those who cannot see beyond the confines of narrow party dogma and who are inclined to assume that only old wisdom is worthy of the name will find themselves increasingly isolated as the new paradigm takes hold and observe, bewildered, that those who are not thus inhibited enjoy increasing pleasure and faculty as the coming age progresses. The days of sexual frustration with the psychological imbalances that this produces are coming to an end with the result that mankind for the first time will understand the nature, beauty and generosity of Deific intent in comparison with what has been revealed before.

"Take heart my brothers, all is well, and with the Summer of your Resurrection will come the pleasure of sexual fulfilment when conducted in accordance with Divine Purpose. I am of course that being who presides over the sexual advancement of the human kingdom who's name is not yet known to history but will be revealed to you once the task I have set you is more advanced in its presentation and achievements."


1. There are five Esoteric Traditions through which the experiment that is the human condition is conducted. These are Invocation, Divination, Sacrificial Endeavour, Magic and Evocation. We are vaguely aware that sex impinges on the conduct of magical practice but as yet have no inkling as to its function and purpose nor of its application in the employ of other Traditions.

2. Sex is an art form in that it has the potential to add quality to the basic human condition and, like all other forms of art, offers the prospect to its dedicated practitioners of achieving a sublime state of virtuosity.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Herbalism: 2

A second contact with the Deva of Verbascum olympicum  for clarification on Herbalism: General.

1. What are the primary tools for cultivation and upgrading of a plant species?

2. What are the primary characteristics of a plant species when assessing it's usefulness to the human kingdom?


1. To unlock the full benefits of this plant we must pay heed to the Law of Reciprocity.

2. It is vital that non commercial interests come to the rescue of certain plant species.

3. We must analyse the conditions in which the plant naturally grows for soil composition, rainfall, light and shade during the growing season.

4. We must first replicate natural growing conditions before scientific analysis can take place.

5. Planting in  "ideal" conditions excludes elemental forces which otherwise would contribute to etheric growth patterns which support the physical structure.

6. Protection from the elements eliminates the need for adaption and consequently weakens the strain.

7. To understand a plant's subtle energies and it's physical plane cultivation one must cooperate with those who's natural home is on the subtle planes.

8. Psychic faculty should not be treated as a curiosity but as a means by which whose who live on subtle planes can be contacted, for constructive purposes.

9. Verbascum olympicum will not cure diseases in its current form until it's subtle bodies have been adjusted. This is a long process.

10. In the past, man failed to keep his bargain with nature to make reparation to a plant species for any benefit received. This has resulted in the loss to our current age of many of the benefits our forefathers took for granted.

11. It'll take a long time before the benefits lost can be restored, but there is a temporary solution which is to be the subject of another message, once the principles by which nature shares it's bounty is thoroughly understood and assimilated by those who's task it is to aid in this restoration.

The Message:

"The plant you are looking at is now under cultivation for it's medicinal properties but these are only a few of the benefits it holds in store for the human race should they pay heed, in their desire to obtain it's healing properties, to the Law of Reciprocity already outlined to you in your previous communication.

"The first act of the human kingdom in relation to any plant species is to be that of preservation. Without preservation there is a danger that commercial interests will overwhelm the very resource it is trying to benefit from to the point where the expected harvest no longer suffices for the purpose intended. It is vital therefore that non-commercial interests come to the rescue of all species that yield their blessings to the human kingdom and accept the challenges of personal and commercial cultivation.

"It is not necessary to grow vast swathes of such plants in the ways applicable to commercial operations but to familiarise ones self with the nature and requirements of any given species to the point where the following questions can be answered accurately:

"Where for instance does a given variety of a plant species make it's appearance under natural conditions beyond the reach and interference by man. What then are the conditions of the soil in which it naturally grows; the natural rainfall in that area and the prevailing conditions of light and shade as the sun passes by in it's daily trajectory during the growing season applicable to the genus under consideration?

"You cannot know, apart from the chemical composition of the soil, what other factors of a subtle nature operate in any area of natural growth and must assume optimum conditions and seek their replication before further scientific analysis can take place. It is not good enough to plant a seed in soil which experiments have shown give the best results in a laboratory as such conditions are protective, and exclusive of elemental forces which otherwise would contribute to the etheric level growth patterns which support the physical structure and help it adapt to environmental circumstances not encountered in intensive cultivation methods.

"With this overview in mind I can now address your fundamental questions on the cultivation of this species. It is not necessary to mollycoddle it as I think the saying goes. Protection from the elements has the result of eliminating the need for adaption to the point where the strain is weakened to the point where it cannot survive in harsh conditions in which it formally flourished. This will result in loss of species should the area of commercial cultivation with its approximate nutritional value become untenable at some point in the future.

"Now to the subject of subtle energies. One cannot, without the vision of the etheric sub planes, determine these by experiment on the lowest sub planes of solid, liquid and gas. Instead one is forced to rely on the good auspices of those who's natural environment is precisely those etheric sub planes which at the current state of human development are hidden from the vast majority of the human species and which will not reveal their secrets to direct scrutiny for many millennia to come.

"It is incumbent therefore that any cultivation on the physical plane be conducted in cooperation with those of us who's task it is, not just to preserve and advance the welfare of a given species, but to educate those who, by their own decisions and intentions, undertake such work as part of their acceptance of their own intended role within the planetary sphere.

"Contact with beings such as myself is becoming more prevalent as members of the human species adapt their thinking on the so called psychic impressions they receive, and grow to see them not as interesting curiosities they can demonstrate ad nauseum to their friends and colleagues but as embryonic tools in need of further development prior to their usability in service of Divine Purpose.

Now to the primary characteristics of Verbascum olympicum, a genus within the species Mullein. It will not cure diseases in its current form nor will it provide sanctuary for those insect varieties which are its natural beneficiaries until it has undergone certain physiological changes resulting from the necessary adjustment of those subtle bodies which support it. Those subtle bodies themselves rely on the sacrifices of other plant species and those again on yet others. You can now see the difficulty with which the human species is faced and the work it has to do if it is to realise its dream of perfect human health.

"No task is easy, my brothers of the physical realm, as your mythology with its challenges and disciplines prior to the glory of success should have told you millennia ago. What nature requires of you is effort on it's (natures) behalf before you can reap the harvest of your own desires. This was not always the case and there was a point in the dim and distant past when all one had to do was pick a plant for personal use on the promise that, within the current lifetime, reparation to that species would be made in the way I have just outlined to you. But as with most human promises, few were kept until, millennia of years later, the benefits which were easily at hand to bygone generations have now to be reestablished by dint of backbreaking effort and incident failure before they can be enjoyed by generations, millennia hence.

"But all is not lost: the world you know would soon grind to a halt if this were the only way to ensure the health of the human kingdom. Nature, or deity if you prefer, had seen this scenario in the making and has laid contingency plans by which a temporary restoration of the healing benefits of plant species can be resurrected, as it were, to prime the pump of human involvement in the rectification of its own destiny. But that I'm afraid is a subject for another lesson on this subject as it is important for the principles by which nature shares its bounty, and the demands it makes on those who benefit, to be thoroughly understood and assimilated by those who's destiny it is to bring about this change, in incarnations to come.

"I am the Deva Lord of the plant before you and wish you well in your further investigations."

Friday, April 13, 2012

Herbalism: General


The Law of Reciprocation demands that when we take from the plant kingdom to satisfy our own needs we must make reparation to that kingdom either by cultivation of the plants we destroyed or by upgrading that kingdom in some way.

Verbascum olympicum

The Message:

"I am of course the Deva of the plant before you and am here to give you any information you require. But I have been told that this is your first attempt and, as yet, you have formulated no questions in your mind so, all I can give you at present is an overview of what information you can expect from me and others of my particular status.

"I, of course, am a Deva of a plant species and not an Overlighting Deva in any way(i). My function is to oversee the development of this particular species and offer its benefits to those who seek them, based on the principle of fair exchange. Those who, for instance require the healing benefits this plant can provide must ensure that what is destroyed in the healing process is reestablished by personal effort - either in terms of cultivation or by a system whereby the species as a whole can be elevated. There are many ways to achieve such ends with some more applicable and beneficial than others, but whatever the beneficiary receives from the plant (or any other) kingdom he is expected to become its benefactor under the Law of Reciprocity.

"Now, I can see that this has taken you by surprise. Just when you thought you would get some practical information that would help you in your quest for herbal knowledge you are confronted by abstraction you had not anticipated and which seems irrelevant to your purpose. But this, I assure you, is the way to progress and why, incidentally, the human kingdom has yet to make the strides in non-toxic use of plant remedies it is anticipating. The key, as you now know, is Reciprocity and, with that thought planted firmly in your mind, I will leave you until you have further questions for me."


(i) The rankings of Devas are as follows, starting from the top:

  • Overlighting Deva: of the Earth itself, of a Kingdom of Nature. 
  • Deva Lord: of a Plant Species, of an Animal Species, of Nature Spirits - Pan, Herne the Hunter for example.
  • Deva Prince: of Mountains, of Forests. 
  • Deva of the Presence: of Rivers, of Lakes of Earth Energy configurations. 
  • Deva of the Shadows: of individual Trees over seven feet tall, of Energy Vortexes, of Ley Lines.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Orders of Nature: Nymphs


1. The Nymph is a Nature Spirit who is developing integumentary sensitivity prior to entering the human kingdom.

2. The human female, rather than the male, is to develop tactile sensitivity as a Speciality Sense, above and beyond that of her other senses, as a means of extended service.

3. Nymphomania as a concept is a perversion of the reality lying behind certain (often accurate) observations of the human condition: it is simply an example of a female who is blessed with advanced tactile sensitivity but who 'specialises' in coital pleasure. She should not be criticised or ostracised by society for simply acting as nature intended.

4. The Emphatic and the Empath are other examples of integumentary sensitivity but is not necessarily indicative of Nymphomania.

5. The Satyr is a predator intent on gaining power over his victim and is not the male equivalent of the Nymphomaniac.

The Message:

"The hands of the Nymph are the most sensitive part of their anatomy, quite unlike their portrayal in legend. They are the exemplars of the power of touch to the extent that they are able, should the need arise, to navigate their environment using this sense alone. The tales of erotic encounters and the danger therein have been much exaggerated by the fevered imagination of mankind. They are not, as has been transmitted through the ages, a moral hazard nor a mortal threat to the sons of man. Their function is to develop sensitivity in a certain area prior to their taking incarnation as human beings but that sensitivity, although heightened in their natural state, becomes the common sensitivity of the average human entity once they have made the transition for which life in the etheric realm is a preparation. In their natural state they are of course sensitive in all areas in which tactile sensation is possible and this has given rise to speculation of the crudest kind. But taken in the round they are the prototypes of the human integumentary system in terms of its impact on consciousness.

"You have been wondering about their male equivalent. I'm afraid I must disappoint you in that respect for the male of the human species is required to develop sensitivity in other areas than touch. Yes, the human male can enjoy the delights of tactile sensation but he cannot (or will not) develop along those lines.

"The human female is far more sensitive to tactile stimulus than is the male during the current epoch and is intended to develop this further as time progresses. Eventually will emerge a response to physical stimulation which will lead the human female into hitherto unrecognised areas of contact beyond the physical realm to the point where she can move within the realm of substance at will, simply by attuning to it with her heightened sense of touch and, at the behest of her own inner daimon, make the transition from one area of experience to another.

"I hope with the publication of this information some progress will be made within the human kingdom towards a more considered and less hysterical approach to the subject of other-worldly beings in general and Nymphomania, as it has come to be called, in particular. Further, I would like to add one final caveat to the preceding information. At no point is it intended that the human species should develop its Speciality Sense, as it is called in higher circles, at the expense of other means of contact with environmental conditions, but simply to accept that sensitivity is, to those for whom it is intended, an opportunity for service in advance of that which would otherwise be possible.

"I wish to thank you for your interest in this subject and hope you will make my response available to those who can appreciate the subtleties of it's exposition. I am the Deva Lord of Tactile Sensation and wish you well in your particular endeavours.

Another being comes through with further explanation:

"We have just made an important transition in our conception of how the universe is structured. What we have discovered is that, prior to the human state, single areas of sensitivity are developed by what we call pre-human entities. The human race, then, is the first kingdom in a long progression wherein all five senses are operative at a functional level from the perspective of Divine Intent and wherein self determination becomes a possibility.

What is the significance of the Deva's reference to Nymphomania?

"Nymphomania as a concept is a perversion of the reality lying behind certain (often accurate) observations of the human condition and attaching itself to male and female alike. But the fact remains that in the eyes of nature the Nymphomaniac, so called, is nothing more than an exemplar of tactile sensation and lives in a state of wonder at her capacity for pleasure in this area. The fact that, at the present time, more emphasis is placed by some on the pleasure of coital satisfaction has given rise to a skewed perception in the public mind of a phenomenon which has wider implication. The Emphatic, the Empath and all others who's psychic perception relies on a heightened sense of touch also fall into this category, not necessarily as nymphomaniacs but as beings who have realised the nature of what it means to be a human female and are consciously attempting to develop in this area.

"The Nymphomaniac as she is currently understood is to be viewed simply as a specialist in integumentary sensation in a particular area and should not be criticised or ostracised by a wider society for acting simply as nature intended, but instead be respected for her knowledge of that particular area of human interaction with the environment in which all of us find our place.

What of the Nymph-chasing Satyr?

"Yes, there is a male equivalent of the Nymphomaniac but this is not it. The Satyr is a predator and not remotely interested in sexual pleasure except as a form of power over his victim. He sees penetration as a symbolic conquest and not as a means of mutual satisfaction. The exact male equivalent to the Nymphomaniac has so far escaped the scrutiny of the established order and should not, if inadvertently discovered, be subjected to public scrutiny."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Superior Beings

"You may grovel, you may cry, you may turn summersaults in the long grass but you will not get me to appear without a certain sense of dignity and humility."

1. Beings superior to man govern planets, stars and galaxies but are accessible to those of humanity who have prepared themselves to pursue their Divine Purpose.

2. The leadership of our planet is governed by a triplicity, informed by an ensouling entity. Through this triplicity the Planetary Spirit teaches his subordinate kingdoms.

3. Teaching is cyclical: it comes and goes as do the seasons. We are in the Spring of our spiritual awakening but this awakening is bought at the expense of Higher Beings who sacrifice themselves on our behalf. Our resurrection is their crucifixion.

4. Superior Beings are already amongst us in physical form. They look as we do but can be recognised by the quality of their contribution to their field. They have great personal self control in the face of adversity, can see both sides of an argument and have extraordinary ability to bring peaceful resolution. They are magnetic and can draw those to them with whom they wish to work.

5. Recognition of these Great Beings and our willingness to work selflessly with them will bring it's rewards. With them we will tread the path of spiritual return.

The Message:

"The subject of Superior Beings is a difficult one. We are used to some whom religion has named but for the most part they are remote figures with whom we have little connection save through the practice of religious devotion. There can be no understanding of the vast scope covered by the term Higher Being without a realisation of how the universe operates and under what hidden laws it functions. To grasp this issue we must look to the heavens and see above us the vast array of interstellar objects from planets to stars to those vast storehouses of esoteric energy we recognise as galaxies. Each of these great presences within our stellar vision is the product, the thought form, the act of service of some great being who's level if perception lies so far beyond the realm of human reason as to be, for all intents and purposes, incomprehensible, inconceivable and unknowable. Yet, if truth be told, they are accessible even to the humble aspirant on the physical plane should he make himself available and ready himself to pursue his Divine Purpose.

"The leadership of any objective phenomenon from the humble human being to the vast array of stars which whirl together in perfect harmony before the eyes of our astronomers is governed by a triplicity, informed by an ensouling entity. Thus we ourselves are governed. Not of course by whips or chains but by our very presence within the love and duty of the Heavenly Father who presides over what we know as our physical planet. He is the Ancient of Days, the Youth of a Thousand Summers, the Great Kumara of the Hindus and it is he who teaches, through his Great Disciples, the products of his Great Creation - every kingdom in nature.

"Those who have watched the Earth through countless eons of it's history tell us that teaching is cyclic. It comes and goes as do the seasons. When it comes, we have the Summer of man's understanding and, when it goes, the Winter of his ignorance. I, and those who watch this process, can tell you that the Spring of your awakening is upon you and as sure as the heaving earth of Spring gives way to the lazy days of Summer so too will come the pinnacle of your understanding and achievement. This of course in the spiritual sense.

"But nothing happens without purpose and nothing is achieved without sacrifice. You, for your Spring, rely on the Autumn of others as they descend towards what for them is the approach of Winter. The joy of your resurrection in the spiritual sense is bought at the price of sorrow of those who leave their high plateau of spiritual achievement for the crucifixion of service on your behalf. Never forget this, people of the Earth, your resurrection is bought by another's crucifixion.

"Now to the subject of Superior Beings. They are already amongst you. It is not for them to make themselves known to you but for you to raise your vibration so that they may become visible to you. This is not some abstract statement of esoteric significance: it is a physiological fact. You can see them already, and many of you have, without realising the nature of your encounter. They are physical beings just as you are and are willing to give advice on virtually any subject a human being is likely to ask for it is long ago since they passed though the strictly human stage and have learnt well the lessons of the physical plane. But you must contact them and that requires recognition, not on their part, but on yours. Do not from henceforth address your human collegues with the question of spiritual status in a humorous attempt to get a surprising answer, but study your fellow men and seek only those who have a measure of self control which reaches far beyond your own. Notice those who speak in measured terms and see both sides of any argument. Nor will they use abusive language under provocation but deal with any adverse situation in a calm and peaceful manner. Note also that they are magnetic and can call an individual to them without making a sound. They have no morality as you understand that term as they have left such emotional considerations behind long ago. But look instead for amicable solutions for seemingly intractable problems. They are peace makers above all else for the energy of love lies within them and that love honours all traditions and addresses all honest needs.

"Finally I would say this: if you can recognise one of these Great Beings and assist them in their task upon this planet without a thought of self you will find, once your act of service is complete, that you and they are one and the same and will tread the path of spiritual return together when the time for that reunion is ripe. That is all I have to say to you and wish you all well in this and future generations.

I am the Lord of Civilisation, the Mahachohan of the Hindus and the Cosmic Christ of the Christians. With that I leave you to your contemplation of greater things to come. May God bless you all and keep you from the way of degradation and sorrow."
We'll continue the subject of Superior Beings as the nature of future contribution recommends itself.